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2001, 2002


Canadian - Turkish Educational Services bir kültür hizmeti olarak sizler için her ayın sonunda İngilizce Kitap çekilişi düzenlemektedir. Katılım ücretsizdir ve 1 yıl süre ile geçerlidir. Çekiliş her ayın sonunda yapılır, kazanan kişinin ismi web sitemizde yayınlanır ve 15 gün içinde kitap şanslı katılımcıya posta ile gönderilir.

Öğrenciler ! Amatör Fotoğrafçılar , İs adamları, Harley Tutkunları,

Futbol meraklıları .... Çekilişimiz sizler için, kaçırmayın !



The Illustrated Directory Of
Harley Davidson MOTORCYLES

by Tod Rafferty

Spectaculary illustrated details of every major Harley-
Davidson motorcyle built from 1903 to the present day.
- Thousands of facts in 360 pages.
- More than 150 motorcyles featured.
- Over 260 specially taken color photographs.


Practical Photography

By John Freeman

How to get the best picture every time ..

- With over 800 photographs and artworks.
- A simple to follow practical manual devised by one
of the world 's leading professionals.
- How to use every type of equipment from getting
the best out of autofocus and instant cameras, to advanced and specialist models and accessories.
- Special features on all the most popular photograhic
subjects, including children, holidays , people and portraits, landscape, skies pets, water, the weather, and travel.
- Get the results you want every time with complete confidence.


The world encyclopedia of SOCCER ( Football )

By Keir Radnedge,
Executive Editor of world soccer magazine

Soccer is the world 's most popular sport .The illustrious
teams ,the great stadiums , the famous matches and
even humor of the fans ... it is all inside.

- Illustrated with over 175 photographs
- The players : biographies of 225 soccer 's greatest stars.
- The clubs : descriptions of 42 of the world's top teams,
featuring pen portraits of the famous coaches.
- The legends : special features on 10 of the soccer's
all-time greats, including Franz Beckenbauer, Johan Cruyff, Pele, Diego Maradona, Ferenc Puskas, Bobby Charlton.
- The competitions : coverage of the World Cup.


The Golf Handbook

This book is a comprehensive, fully illustrated teaching manual combined with an historical survey of star players, the best known courses and the major tournaments. It offers the golf enthusiats endless opportunities to improve their factual knowledge of one
the world 's most popular sports.

- An intensive course in all aspects of golf technique
- Easy to follow step by step method
- Special section on correcting common errors.


A Brief History of Science

by John Gribbin

From the dawn of the history people have tried to explain
how the the world works. For millennia their ideas relied
on supernatural agencies , or employed a purely ....

- Outlines the key concepts forming the core of each major branch of science, and how they were developed.
- Reviews the achievements of all the major figures in the
history modern science, from Galileo onward.
- Explains the ideas that upset our " common sense " view of reality from the weird behaviour of fundamantal particles to the vastness of universe.
- Explores the cultural consequences of scientific
discoveries and ideas.



by Robert Spector

Inside the Revolutionary Business Model that changed the world.

In Amazon.com Jeff Bezos built something the world had never seen. He created the most recognized brand name on the internet and became one of the richest men in the world. He was recently named Time magazine 's Person of the year and crowned the " king of the cyber commerce " .


Business @ The Speed of Thought

By Bill Gates with Collins Hemingway

Using a digital nervous system.

Business is going to change more in the next ten years than it has the last fifty. I have written this book for CEOs, other organizational leaders, managers at all levels. I describe how a digital nervous system can transform businesses and make public entities more responsive by energizing ....



by Robert Allen

Over 500 brain-teasing visual, word and number challenges to engage your mind and test your concentration.

- Puzzles are graded in three sections; refreshingly easy,
medium and mind-teasing hard.
- Complete answers and explanations.
- Features a special mind-maze; a series of linked puzzles.



A good Book is the best of friend,
the same today and

Martin Farquar
Tupper ( 1810-89 )
British writer

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