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Career Management
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Kanada Eğitim Fuarı
2001, 2002

Business Management Studies Program

This Associate Certificate Program is designed to provide second language students with general business skills. English language training is provided in conjunction with specific course areas including: Computing, Marketing, Business, Accounting, Economics, Business Mathematics and Communications. This program is delivered by professionals with experience in business.

Program Length
Eight months, two terms full-time beginning in January, May and September each year.

Entrance Requirements
High school graduation
TOEFL 513 or Computerized TOEFL 183

All students are required to have valid student authorization, a passport, and medical insurance.
Graduates of this program can apply for transfer of credit into BCIT diploma programs. They are also eligible to work in the Canadian business industry for up to eight months or can immediately put new
skills to work in their home country.

Program Content

Accounting 1
Effective Public Speaking
Business Mathematics
Computer Applications 1
Organizational Behaviour

Technical Communication Skills for Second Language Students*

Essentials of Marketing
Accounting 2
Technical English and Learning Skills for Second Language Students*

*Note: Students will be placed in the appropriate level of Technical Communications based on a placement examination.

Tuition Fees (subject to change)

Term 1: $ 3185 USD plus a $163 USD non-refundable application fee.
Term 2: $ 3185 USD

The non-refundable application fee is transferable once only upon student's written request.
All BCIT students are also charged student activity, building, registration, and one card fees.

Books and Supplies
Students should be prepared to spend approximately $750 on academic supplies.

Program hakkında detaylı bilgi almak için bize yazınız.
E-mail : info@merhaba.ca


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