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Career Management
Yaz Özel Programları

Kanada Eğitim Fuarı
2001, 2002



Career Management

We need to manage our careers as much as we manage people.

Important Tips to make career opportunities:

  1. Always be positive.
  2. Be a team player and make your best effort to shine on the team.
  3. Volunteer for high-profile projects. Doing so will increase your exposure to key decision makers.
  4. Stay out of political camps. If you have to make a choice, wait as long as you can to increase your chances of backing the winner.
  5. Think like a top manager. Find ways to help meet corporate objectives.
  6. Let your boss your career goals.
  7. Always work collaboratively.
  8. Develop action plans that are goal-oriented. Review the goals regularly to see if you are on track.
  9. Find a mentor in your organization. When you are faced with difficult situations seek advice or ask your mentor to evaluate your decisions.
  10. Focus your energy on the jobs that will
    a) Best use your skills
    b) Have the greatest chance of success
    c) Require an optimal amount of effort and resources.
  11. Know what your boss expects you.
  12. Be willing to accept criticism and treat each criticism as an opportunity to improve yourself.
  13. Acknowledge the help of others publicly. This will increase your network of supporters.
  14. Learn to get what you want while still being liked.
  15. Never stop learning. In our information age, we should all consider ourselves lifelong students.



"You have to take control of your
own life,
or someone else
will do it for you.

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